This is how you prove that playing game turns youth violent

MBC did a news story on “game violence”, focusing on how violent games can make children, well, violent. To illustrate that point, the program conducted an experiment: in a net cafe, it had the power on all the computers shut off simultaneously. The segment showed how gamers in the cafe began to speak in loud voices and use bad language. Those in the net cafe were paying customers, so of course, they’d be pissed.

Yet, the report pointed out that the reaction was filled with cussing, adding, “They’ve been transformed into the violent characters they are playing.”

The Stupidest News Report Ever? | Kotaku Australia.

You may not believe it, but it did happen.

Enraged viewers are rushing to bulletin board of MBC webpage to leave comments that point out the flaws of the ‘experiment’ (if you can call it an experiment).

And literally tons of parody for the news segment are flooding on blogs, communities, and internet forums. Some examples are:

– two old men are playing the game of go, and you turn over the go board to show the influence of go to aggressiveness. Old men are upset and use bad languages, and you prove that playing go turns the old men violent.

– Student are taking English listening  comprehension test for university entrance exam, and you turn off the power of the speaker to show the influence of entrance test to aggressiveness. Students get upset, and you prove that taking exams turns the student violent.

– Reporters are hurrying up to write articles to meet the deadline, and you pull the plug from their PC to show the influence of journalism to aggressiveness. Reporters get upset and use bad languages in loud voice, and you prove that writing articles turns reporters violent.

and thousands of more…

IMC Games, the developer of Korean classic MMORPG ‘Ragnarok’ released the parody video for the news report using the ‘MineCraft’ game as producing tool.


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