Can I upload video to Youtube with my iPhone?

Some of you may know that you cannot upload videos clips and replies to Youtube in Korea.

It is because Korean law that requires every internet services with more than 100,000 users per day should confirm users’ identity to upload a posts  or replies. Once you identify yourself, then you can write  with your nickname.

Rather than complying with Korean regulations, Google Korea chose to block uploading from Korea in April 2009 when it approached the 100,000 user bar. “Don’t be evil.”

But don’t worry. You can upload videos or replies by simply changing your ‘Country Preference’ to another countries other than Korea.

Still annoyed? Then why don’t you take a shoot with your iPhone and send it to Youtube? It is no problem to send a video clip from your iPhone.

Nobody cared whether you could upload a video to Youtube with iPhone in Korea, till Google removed Youtube upload function from Motorola ‘Droid’, the first smartphone with Google’s Android OS in Korea. Google removed the functions over the concern for the Korean user-identifying regulation.

After the iPhone-to-Youtube issue aroused, KT, the Korean carrier which provides iPhone, considered blocking video uploading from iPhone. KT also postponed launch of new Android smartphone from LG Electronics because it had the direct Youtube uploading function.

But the chances are it ends up with just a silly fuss, as Korean Communication Commission (KCC) does not take it seriously. “Youtube is not subject to the Korean regulation that requires user identification because videos uploaded from iPhone go directly to Youtube global site, and Google Korea is not involved in the operation of Youtube,” said an official of KCC.


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