Samsung to restructure Japanese operations

Samsung to restructure Japanese operations.- the Korea Times Samsung Group, the nation’s leading conglomerate, is changing the way it conducts business in Japan to substantially boost performance.  The Seoul-based group said Sunday that its subsidiaries in Japan will now operate independently from each other. Previously all 18 Samsung affiliates existed under the same umbrella of … Continue reading

Galaxy S3 will be unveiled in April

Galaxy S3, the newest product of Samsung flagship smartphone line-ups, will be launched in London event held in April, according to a report.  The report said Samsung would begin to ship the products shortly after the launching event. Samsung did not unveil the much-expected smartphone at MWC 2012 held in Barcelona, Spain last week. Mr. … Continue reading

Analog TV broadcasting ends in December 2012

Analog TV broadcasting will be terminated on 4 am. 31st December 2012, the Korean Communications Commissions (KCC) decided. The United States terminated analog TV broadcasting  on 12th June, 2009, which was deferred once from 17th Feb. 2009 due to lack of converters. Japan will end the analog broadcasting on 24th July, 2011.

Google chose to shut down game service in Korea

As I said in my earlier post, it is Google’s turn to answer to the request of Korean government to follow the Korean game rating system. Yes, Google answered. They chose to close games category in their Android Market in Korea. It is the same as Apple closed games category in Korean Appstore. Google replied to Korean Games Rating Board … Continue reading

Business of game item trading may be prohibited

The hero of this blog is the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea. Please. It’s not what I intended. Anyway, the Ministry of Culture considers banning the online game money/item trading (gold-farming) as a part of comprehensive set of countermeasures for game addiction it prepares. You play more games because you can earn … Continue reading

Can I upload video to Youtube with my iPhone?

Some of you may know that you cannot upload videos clips and replies to Youtube in Korea. It is because Korean law that requires every internet services with more than 100,000 users per day should confirm users’ identity to upload a posts  or replies. Once you identify yourself, then you can write  with your nickname. … Continue reading